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What Makes AH Web Designs Different From Others?

Alan has been designing web sites from concept to finish for more than ten years. He has worked on large corporate sites for companies like AT&T and Thompson Peterson Publishing as well as small business sites, learning to fully understand the needs of each. But what separates him from other design companies is the fact that he is a graphic artist as well as a copywriter and HTML coding expert ... a one man operation, focusing on one client at a time. So you have one very talented person dedicated to designing your site and meeting your needs, rather than a corporation that has a large overhead, a number of employees and salaries to meet, with a primary focus on numbers of jobs obtained and completed. Further, one look at Alan's website designs and you'll see the difference for yourself. Alan's designs have two very important things going for them: They each have a look uniquely their own and they all navigate simply and intelligently!

Alan will work with you in designing a site that mirrors your business as well as your expectations and desires ... and he will remain dedicated to the work he completes for you long after the job is done. As he puts it himself, "Your site will always mean as much to me as it does to you and that's an attitude you won't find anywhere else!"

Don't Be Fooled By Low-Cost Web Designs With Hidden Fees!

There are a large number of web designers offering web site designs at what seem to be very low prices ... but don't be fooled! Look more carefully at their offers and you'll see that they are including a hosting package that will cost you $50.00 or more per month -- that's an additional $600.00 per year! Worse still, they are hosting your site on their own low-grade servers with a number of other sites and when those other sites are receiving traffic, your site bogs down and delivers your files in a noticeably sloppy manner. Not only are they charging you hidden and exorbitant prices for a mediocre service but they are taking your hard-earned money via pure chicanery.

Let Alan build you a quality web site that meets the highest standards of excellence ... and that fits your budget. Further, Alan will set you up with a hosting company that specializes in hosting services and charges less than $5.00 per month -- delivering your site pages and files at high speed!

Cookie Cutter Web Sites Don't Cut It!

Most web site designers use software that generates their web site designs for them quickly and easily ... they click a button here, type in some text there, and bingo! - a web site design is automatically generated. If you look at these types of sites, you'll see they all look alike. Alan calls them Cookie Cutter Designs. They may have different color and font schemes but the layouts are all the same because they are created with pre-designed templates. These sites often look nice enough, however, they usually do not reflect the personality and look of your own business (your cards, stationery, logo, etc.) and the HTML coding that is generated this way is always overloaded with useless tags and syntaxes (generated by the software program) that slow the delivery of site pages down unnecessarily.

Alan writes all HTML coding by hand, using no software programs, and creates all graphic images, buttons, color schemes, font styles and layout designs from scratch. Get Alan and your site will mirror the true personality of your business in every way and, most importantly, will be easy to navigate, allowing visitors to enjoy visiting your site, promptly finding what they came looking for!

Search Engine Optimization Techniques Make Sure People Can Find Your Site!

Web Site Optimization or Search Engine Optimization techniques provide information that speaks exclusively to all the search engines on the web, pointing them to every page and element of your site and telling them what kind of information resides on each and every page. This is a labor-intensive task that most web designers avoid ... however, avoiding it will cost you much in the way of losing the recognition you want your site to have via search engines. Without these codes built into your site design, your site will not come up in any searches on sites like Google and Yahoo! ... and that defeats the very intention you have in owning a web site. There are many companies on the web that are thriving off sites that lack these applied techniques ... offering them to site owners for hundreds of dollars per page.

Alan will include all SEO techniques on every page of your web site at no extra cost.

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